Could Vernon Hills High School avoid future racial allegations?

In a recent article, a former Chicago Bear football player, Desmond Clark, has accused Vernon Hills High School officials of perpetuating a culture of racism against their son. The parent is expressing a concern that many Black parents face today. Vernon Hills High School officials can avoid future racial allegations by transforming into a culture that embraces all ethnicities.

According to the article, Ex-Bear Clark and wife face charges in Vernon Hills: say they’re victims of racism, Clark and his wife responded to a complaint from their son regarding a confrontation with an administrator. Their son reported that the Vernon Hills High School administrator demeaned him in front of his peers.

Their son was participating in a school activity as part of the lip-sync team. The team was competing that next weekend and wanted to acknowledge his efforts since he was not allowed to participate in the event. The son was not allowed to participate due to an earlier school violation. The administrator told their son, “this is an activity for good students who make good decisions.” Their son responded to the administrator, ‘Am I a criminal because I made one mistake?” The female administrator responded, “If he wants to act like a criminal, he can get out.”

It appears that the female administrator has minimal value for students from different cultures. Vernon Hills High School can avoid future racial allegations by establishing a culture of positive racial relationships between students and educators.

What are the benefits for Vernon Hills High School staff to develop positive racial relationships amongst educators and historically underserved students?

Positive relationships at schools and in the classroom are in many ways the prerequisites for effective learning and behavior. Students and educators who are warm, compassionate, and friendly toward one another in the classroom have the potential to improve instruction and learning.

Developing positive relationships with students provides benefits for schools, educators, and students. Having positive and caring relationships in schools increases resilience and protects children from academic failure, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, and destructive behavior and violence. Long-term educator-student relationships result in increased job satisfaction. Educators who have positive feelings toward their students are more likely to have students reciprocate those positive feelings. Educators who develop positive and personal relationships with students may prevent psychological development problems in their students. Students are more willing to develop positive relationships with educators who tend to form close friendships with their students.

What are some of the factors that could inhibit the growth of positive racial relationships at Vernon Hills High School?

Racial differences between educators and students influence positive teacher-student classroom relationship development. Educator-student conflicts result from a difference in desires, and even though this difference may be reduced, it remains in schools. Cultural background has an impact on attitudes, beliefs, and values about education, ideas about how classes should to be conducted, how students and teachers should interact, and what types of relationships are appropriate for students and educators. The classroom conflict between teachers and students results from the different cultural contexts that students and teachers bring to the classroom.

Teachers discriminate against students by stereotyping according to ethnicity. Teachers are more likely to have negative academic and behavioral expectations regarding Black students compared to expectations of White students. White teachers have more negative attitudes toward Black children and rate Black students more negatively when compared to White students. White teachers rate Black male children more deviant when compared to White children. White teachers direct more criticism toward Black males and rate Black male children personalities more negatively when compared to White male children. White teachers perceive White students more positively when compared to Black students.

Vernon Hills High School staff can only expect additional opposition unless they make a conscious decision to embrace all ethnicities by promoting positive racial relationships.

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2 Responses to Could Vernon Hills High School avoid future racial allegations?

  1. A. Ahmed Jr. says:

    Fwd: Desmond Clark ex Bear

    Honorable Rev. Jackson,

    With all of the controversy involving our Chicago athletes I wanted to share this with you. In this case where have the Illinois department of Revenue, Lake County Health department, Lake County District Attorney, Illinois Attorney General, and the Illinois state police been for the below mentioned issues?

    Dear District 128 Administrator,

    I am a concerned African-American citizen and I find it extremely offensive when the “race card” is thrown out there just because! Especially when I have firsthand knowledge that Desmond Clark isn’t the model citizen and pillar of society that he claims to be.

    According to many media outlet reports; say he and his wife threw racial slurs to your faculty in front of high school parents and children? And many who were present were scared for their lives! Here’s the video:
    Totally unacceptable behavior by someone who played for the Bears and presents himself as a mentor and role model to children?? At least that is what his 88 ways charity stated??

    This is how we met ex Chicago Bear Desmond Clark; My coworkers and I attended many of his radio shows and public appearances after-hours in various Chicago-area bars and restaurants. He did a lot of his weekly radio shows live at various Titled Kilt locations and many other Chicagoland venues. The listings are on the internet and at #desmondclark #dezclark on Facebook events as well.

    As a donation item that people could purchase from his 88 ways charity his soon to be wife sold his spice rub in a glass jar at these events without FDA approved packaging and labeling! He once bragged to his radio host Bryan or Ryan (don’t know his last name but should be easy to find out as they called him “non discript white guy”) that he packaged his product in his Vernon Hills townhome garage. We found out he didn’t bother to obtain a sanitation certificate, approved kitchen or commissary license and was without product liability insurance which according to Lake county IL. health department and Illinois food production laws is illegal!

    He was selling 100s of jars weekly at his events, tax free under the guise of his 88 ways charity which is NOT a non-profit organization! And according to the Illinois department of revenue; at that time they had no such registration of his charity on record!

    Here is a video he made showing him hawking his illegally packaged product at one of his charity events!
    Please view:

    He knowingly withheld this income from Lake county and Illinois state revenue officials! And if those citizen/consumers got ill from his illegal unlicensed food item it would have been huge!! Plus he cheated on paying sales tax!!

    He and his charity’s business manager noticed we attended many of his events and found out we were employed by a large fortune 500 company so in 2012 he invited our corporate office to a tailgate event his 88 Ways charity in conjunction with his real estate office Caldwell Banker Arlington Heights, IL. He solicited us to be a corporate sponsor for future events of his charity. His pitch sounded iffy, almost conniving! An official of the village of Arlington Heights stopped by to investigate the outdoor event due to the numerous complaints they received by the number of school buses that Mr Clark bussed in from the inner city. The people getting off the busses looked like street thugs and criminals!

    Our company with its vast resources did its due diligence in our investigation of Mr Clark and his charitable organization as he continued to push and coerce us to donate several thousands of dollars to him. We discovered that his charity was registered in Florida and operating in Illinois without being registered with the Illinois department of revenue as a tax free charity! It is NOT a non-profit registered in Illinois! His organization was asking for and was accepting charitable donations and he wasn’t reporting this income to the state of Illinois. A violation of the law according to the Illinois department of revenue according to our investigation! He is a tax cheat!!

    In addition please check out the links below as to the criminal activity Mr Clark and his family relative knowingly conducted in Florida. Polk county officials in that state seized a home Mr Clark owned that operated as a drug and prostitution ring. He did nothing to assist in curtailing the problem and used the same “I’m a victim rhetoric” that he and his wife are doing at this very moment in time. He doesn’t accept personal responsibility for anything.

    After our company found all of this out we rid ourselves of him! And for a short period of time he continued to contact us to donate to him but as an organization we figured if we did donate the several thousands of dollars he was asking for it would have gone directly into his pocket and not to the children he was claiming to represent! That greed is so sad!!

    Please read these links! It explains his drug and prostitution ring >>>>

    I support the difficult work of law enforcement and the racism that police departments are battling within our cities that makes their jobs nearly impossible! I also understand the accusations that school boards encounter with this problem in our society so I felt I needed to speak out on this matter.

    In my opinion Mr Clark still lives in the NFL world of entitlement and thinks he can hurl the race card to receive sympathy from his fans! He recently put up a Facebook fan page to campaign his innocence and to attack his supposed attackers! It’s easy to find! He thinks he is above the law because of his football career!!

    I truly believe Mr and Mrs Clark brought this onto themselves, if racism truly existed for four years as they claim why has it taken this long for them to act on it? As a person of color myself, he and his wife have cast a giant shadow on all people of color! And his farce of a peaceful protest at the high school and the recent meeting with the school board is a phony act! He started with the racial cat calls directed at the faculty not the other way around! Mr Clark and his wife are the actual racists here!

    Good luck to those who were involved with this miscreant in clearing their names as the Clarks’ have dragged or will drag through the mud in the future!

    A concerned citizen….

    A. Ahmed Jr.

    Wauconda, IL.

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