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How can Indiana Public Schools increase teacher retention?

In a recent article, Indiana Public Schools continue to struggle with the reduction in teacher retention which results in depleting school resources and impacts student achievement. Student achievement will continue to plummet for years due to the perception that many … Continue reading

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Does the New Jersey teacher evaluation system reveal a cover-up?

  In a recent article, the New Jersey Department of Education has released the most recent teacher evaluation scores. The released data reveals that most New Jersey teachers are proficient. The teacher evaluation data misrepresents teacher effectiveness as indicated by … Continue reading

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How does the opt-out movement fuel racism in education?

In a recent article, parents, students, and teachers have united against taking or administering high-stakes testing through an opt-out movement which could continue to fuel racism in education. The movement seems to present an alternative to accountability that is necessary … Continue reading

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How should New York teachers respond to new evaluations?

In a recent article, Governor Cuomo has established a teacher evolution system for New York Public School. The new initiative is met with opposition from the teachers union along with many teachers because it includes student achievement as a measure … Continue reading

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Can teacher evaluations eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism)?

In a recent article, under the direction of Governor Chris Christie, the New Jersey Department of Education is releasing the results of teacher evaluations that are in part based on student test performance. The teacher assessment was limited to about … Continue reading

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Do New York Teacher Evaluations Continue to Fuel Classroom Racism?

In a recent article, New York teacher evaluations reveal that most teachers are deemed highly effective while Blacks continue to lag behind in student achievement. The state data reveals that 9.2% of the teachers were rated highly effective, 82.5% were … Continue reading

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